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Jumping bluefin tuna
Scales being collected
Spawning sockeye
White sturgeon, Fraser River
Spawning female sockeye
Male lumpfish
Yellow fins and tail of a bluefin tuna
Accelerometer tagged pink salmon
Pink salmon, fresh from sea
Male sockeye salmon ft
Spawning male sockeye salmon
Young bald eagle
Famous Fraser River sturgeon
Everything green
Female lumpfish
Bald eagle, British Columbia
Bluefin tuna being pulled onboard for tagging
Tagged Chinook salmon about to be released
Kokanee in full migration
Male sockeye salmon on the spawning grounds_edited
Bluefin tuna being pulled onboard for tagging
Female sea trout, River Villestrup
Bluefin tuna
Kim & an 83cm sea trout, River Villestru
Bluefin tuna close-up, North Sea
A LOT of kokanee
Tagged short-finned eel before release i
Kokanee migration in full swing
Scales & tail
Retrieving PSATs in SKagerrak
Spawning sea trout, River Villestrup
Grizzly cub, Jasper National Park
Tagging lumpfish!
Bluefin tuna chasing garfish
FIshing for eels, Hopkins River, Austral
Resident brown trout, River Binderup
Spawning male brown trout, River Villestrup
Kokanee attempting to overcome a barrier
Bluefin tuna fins, North Sea
Weir (before removal), Trend River
Fishing the Bay of Islands in New Zealan
Processing sea trout, River Villestrup
Male sea trout, River Villestrup
Radio-tagged sockeye salmon
Brown trout resident, river Binderup
Palm leaves, Mekong Delta,Vietnam
PIT-tagging sea trout, River Villestrup
Orcas, near Nanaimo
Sunrise on the Baltic Sea
Sea trout, River Villestrup
Sea trout being released, River Villestr
Gudgeon, River Omme
Sea trout being measured, River Villestr
Black bear cub, British Columbia
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