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Scandinavian Bluefin Marathon: electronic tagging of Atlantic bluefin tuna in Scandinavian waters


August 2017 - ongoing 


To investigate the migration of Atlantic bluefin tuna in Scandinavian waters after a 50 year absence in the area (due to a collapse of the population/overfishing). Our questions include: Where do the tuna come from? Where do they go? How do they behave on a daily and seasonal basis? Our do they behave following an angling event? We also want to explore the physiological exhaustion that tunas experience from angling.


We rely heavily on volunteer anglers who devote time and resources to this project; ICCAT GBYP program; Tunforeningen 2019; the Fisheries Society of the British Isles


More than 500 bluefin tuna have been tagged with eletronic tags in Denmark and Sweden over the last 7 years. The analyses of the results are still under way.


One peer-reviewed publication (here) and several ICCAT reports.

Future steps:

We continue to tag bluefin tuna to gain a better understanding of their behaviour, habitat use, and potential threats.

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