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Challenging old paradigms in the field of salmonid research


December 2016 - ongoing 


Salmonids are amongst the most studied fish species, and much of their lifecycle is accepted by the field. However, there is evidence of deviations from their lifecycle, which have largely been overlooked. Our objective is to bring those overlooked aspects into light, in an effort to better understand, manage and conserve these fish.


European Development Fund (Interreg) MarGen I & II projects


We find that salmonids (brown trout in particular, but also Atlantic salmon) can vary greatly in their behaviour and life history strategies. For example, smolts not only migrate in the spring, but there appears to be a relatively significant class of autumn migrants, which also contribute to the 'smolt run' and return rates of adults. 


Several peer-reviewed publications (here, here, herehere, & here); national (2) and international (10) conference presentations.

Future steps:

Continue to investigate overlooked or unusual behaviours in salmonids and other fish; focusing on the 'outliers'.

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