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Thanks for visiting! My name is Kim, and I'm what they call a fish ecophysiologist - I study fish physiology within an ecologically-relevant context. I also do quite a bit of work tagging fishes, including brown trout, Atlantic salmon, eels, lumpfish, and bluefin tuna. 


I am generally interested in the when and how fish are

vulnerable. Catch-and-release? Exhaustive anaerobic exercise? Other anthropogenic stressors? All of the above!? I'm interested in figuring out the limits that fish can withstand and the mechanisms that set these limits. I like to do my work mostly out in the wild, so you'll generally find me putting fish in tupperware containers (running respirometry) or on a boat tagging. 

I am currently a Villum International Postdoc at the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of British Columbia, and the Technical University of Denmark. 

I hold a Honours B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Ottawa (Canada), a M.Sc. in Biology from Carleton University (Canada), and a Ph.D from the Technical University of Denmark (Denmark).

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